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Poll: Make a sad face for the camera

Without explanations, just by looking at the photos, which of these pictures do you find the saddest?

Before you vote you can look at the pictures in better format here.

And if you have a headache from all the crying, here's the cure: Which of these pictures makes you LOL?

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    Walt Disney, Pinto Colvig, and Clarence Nash in Mickey and the Beanstalk (1947)

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    Paddy Considine and Samantha Morton in В Америке (2002)

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    Patty Duke and Inga Swenson in The Miracle Worker (1962)

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    Tom O'Rourke and Becky London in Потерянный рейс (2006)

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    Список Шиндлера (1993)

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    Adrien Brody in Пианист (2002)

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    ВАЛЛ-И (2008)

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    Kazunari Ninomiya and Nae in Письма с Иводзимы (2006)

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    Mads Mikkelsen in Охота (2012)

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    Sean Penn in 21 грaмм (2003)

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    Charles Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in Малыш (1921)

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    Ben Kingsley in Список Шиндлера (1993)

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    Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in Кроличья нора (2010)

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    Sophie Okonedo in Отель Руанда (2004)

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    Don Cheadle in Отель Руанда (2004)

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    Edward Norton in 25-й час (2002)

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    James Stewart and Karolyn Grimes in Эта замечательная жизнь (1946)

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    Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn in Мертвец идет (1995)

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    Matt Dillon and Thandie Newton in Столкновение (2004)

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    John Coffey

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    Sean Astin in Властелин колец: Возвращение короля (2003)

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    Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker (1962)

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    Liam James in Дорога, дорога домой (2013)

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    Ewan McGregor and Oaklee Pendergast in Невозможное (2012)

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    Antonio Banderas in Шрек 2 (2004)

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    Demián Bichir in Лучшая жизнь (2011)

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    Viggo Mortensen in Дорога (2009)

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    Diane Baker, Richard Beymer, Shelley Winters, Gusti Huber, Lou Jacobi, Millie Perkins, and Joseph Schildkraut in The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

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    Will Smith and Jaden Smith in В погоне за счастьем (2006)

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