Review: ‘Chasing the Blues’ is an Enjoyable Record-Seeking Road Trip

The rarest of items can claim a collector’s soul if he/she isn’t careful. When that item — something thought to be merely myth — is held in your hands, you never know what you might do to ensure it stays there. Some collect for the thrill of the chase, others for the sense of ownership possession provides alongside the jealousy it instills in those without. Which one you tell yourself you are isn’t necessarily the truth, though. We want to believe our intentions are pure, but the allure of victory is a potent thing able to push us past a line we never believed we could cross. This is the point where Alan (Grant Rosenmeyer) and Paul (Ronald L. Conner) found themselves twenty years ago.

This is what derailed them, turning their teacher and record shop owner respectively into criminals. They each wanted an elusive copy of a
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